A.A. Allen

In the history of the healing revival of the 1950's and 1960's, no one was more important to the movement than Rev. A.A. Allen. Gifted, dramatic and controversial, A.A. Allen was a self-made success, largely through his unerring faith in God's sovereign power and boundless compassion. Remarkable healings of all kinds occurred in his giant citywide crusades.He became renowned for his ability to exorcise demonic spirits from the most difficult cases through his powerful prayers and daring faith. No sickness or crippling disease was too tough for Allen to tackle.

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God is a Killer 1
God is a Killer 2
Lord Have Mercy (About Divorce!)
Blessings and Curses

Miracle of God, man healed of deafness
Little girls leg grow out Miracle from GOD!
Go and sin NO MORE
Demons cast out of a woman
Demons cast out of a mother
Man healed of Parkinsons
Old woman healed of arthritis
Mom and boy healed deafness
Woman healed of Polio
Man healed of spine cancer
Outpouring of oil 1
Outpouring of oil 2
Hawaiin girls leg grow out

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